As always, I receive top notch, a1 service. This company services all three of my vehicles. Thanks to them each vehicle is in tip top shape at reasonably priced and very thorough service.

5 Sound Auto Care 5/8/2017

Awesome service. Good place to go....

5 Sound Auto Care 5/8/2017

Good honest people who do good work. Appreciate having a trustworthy mechanic.

5 Sound Auto Care 5/5/2017

will be going there again,,,car broke down a day before I went on vacation ,,,they took care of me and my car,,,, at a good price,,,, a fair price,,,,they told me everything that was wrong with my ,,,and gave me the option to get it fixed ,,,,they had it done a day before we got bk from vacation ,,,great people and easy to work with ,,,,if I ever have trouble with it again ,,,I will not hesitate ,,,they will be the ones who will work on my car from this point on

4.5 Sound Auto Care 4/12/2017

Best around!!!!

5 Sound Auto Care 4/8/2017

Again 100% honest service that I never got At local Dealerships. Despite the fact the dealerships never paid back for their failef work that was Never the problem. I have saved Thousands by pulling all my cars out after the Dealerships had no clue and wanted to sell us a new car. THANKS AGAIN SOUND AUTO CARE

5 Sound Auto Care 4/6/2017

Very professional and good pricing

5 Sound Auto Care 3/17/2017

They will show all the parts have been replaced and explain the cause of the problem with that parts. They took photos while on the process of doing the repairs and will gve you a picture of what's had been repaired.

5 Sound Auto Care 3/12/2017

Best service I had in a long time!! My friends cars are now on board.

5 Sound Auto Care 2/26/2017

Great work and the cost for repairs is less than half than the dealership. The staff is very knowledgeable and very personable.

5 Sound Auto Care 2/16/2017